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What's going on everyone,

Some of you may not be aware but today (March 8) is International Women's Day.

To mark this day, I will be doing a rare feature to showcase some of the finest writing by some of deviantART's finest female writers. 

To begin with, I present you with 8 female writers and 3 pieces from their galleries (the eighth day of the third month):

1. :iconmirz-alt:

SlaveSold, but never knew I was for sale.
Bought, and never told the price.
Passed on like a piece of chattel.
Taken and cherished for a mere moment.
Then pushed aside and dumped in a corner.
A prisoner, shackled to the wall.
Kept nearby, just in case.
No way to escape on my own.
Endless taunts, trying to drive me to despair.
Tired of fighting...just plain tired.
Now I sit quietly in the midst of the flames.
Unable to move, unwilling to move.
Waiting for freedom, or just waiting for the end.
   Can't Turn BackAlone in an empty room
Though I'm never quite alone.
The shadows cover the walls,
The monsters growl in the closet.
The king of beasts knocks at my door.
I don't let him in; he already has the key.
He whispers sweet nothings to me,
While he places the knife to my back
Save me, Save me,
Don't betray me.
The darkness is calling,
I can't turn back.
Slay me, Slay me,
Don't embrace me.
The darkness is calling,
I can't turn back.

The prince is helpless, down-trodden,
The knight has lost his sword.
The damsel has tea with the dragon,
Giving up all hope of rescue.
Truth and lies mix, interchangeable.
Beliefs twist and turn to doubt.
Confusion is the darkest potion,
Sipped from a pearl white glass
Save me, Save me,
Don't betray me.
The darkness is calling,
I can't turn back.
Slay me, Slay me,
Don't embrace me.
The darkness is calling,
I can't turn back.

I wander through the forest,
My map a blatant forgery.
Looking for him, looking for you.
The shadows guid
  Lost and Found Scene 1 - Relativity Episode 1The light above the vanity flickered, throwing the room into a series of shadows. Babs Stone tapped the plastic casing with her finger, hoping to jiggle the bulb back into place. The room fell into complete darkness. After a moment, the light snapped back on, shining bright and steady. The prostitute leaned back towards the mirror.
Pulling up her chin, Babs checked her throat carefully. While she didn’t have a policy against rough stuff, she didn’t like when her clients left marks. It made it difficult when picking up another john, not to mention she simply didn’t like bruising on her neck. Satisfied, she tousled her long platinum blonde hair so it framed her face, then twisted open a cylinder of Fire Engine Red and  smeared it across her lips. She could hear shuffling and smiled at the thought of the man on the other side of the door.
While she had several regulars, Babs liked Denny the best. He was always clean and smelled nice. More than that, he always called

2. :iconieatrosepetals:

When I Met Her-“Am I dead?” Her voice is rough compared to the soft pitter-patter of the rain on the concrete.
“No” I reply as I fiddle with my shoe string.
“Why?” Her emotions hit me strong as I inhale the air filled with her angry and bitter word.
“It isn’t your time” I get up from the ground and brush the dirt off of my pants.
I extend my hand to her and I expect her to refuse but she takes it and I pull her up off the cold concrete.
I don’t let go and she doesn’t either.
   One Day I Will Be DoneThere is a never-ending supply of tears in my eyes
I will never run out
But I cannot guarantee I will always have enough for you.
   NegligenceMy heartstrings are thin and weary
They’re not as strong as a spider’s silk-

3. :iconhonestly-not:

Price of Love"Girlfriend," Boyfriend"
They're just titles,
Not contracts.
No one holds the deeds to my heart,
My love is not for sale, and
My affection can't be bought;
Official love is just an investment
In my interests, and a price
I'm just not willing to pay,
It's a debt I will not welcome,
A ransom I won't give into,
A deal I will not make.
   Free to Writestave off me not, let me wander free
off to the lands of make-believe
constraints of spoken word are pardoned
when written down, when thought-out and hardened
ideas and images, all inscribed
details, emotions are described
language is given new, bright life
when otherwise, with laws, it is rife
rules of context, set and stone
are dashed away, left alone
we need not to speak in terms of understanding,
just freewill, minds expanding
pause the pressings of reality's inhibitions,
remind me not of my human condition
let me free, let me write
let me wander, free of plight
allow me to lose myself for days,
lost in this poetic haze
  My Sunshineyou are my sunshine,
blinding, burning, starving me
and yet, i need you

4. :icona-lovely-anxiety:

holding hands into the nightThe starships align in a billowing constellation of gravity and shimmer down on the firefly-studded cities below.
the rain brings sweet whispers of hushed voices in the night, when the tires squeal against oil and someone realizes that they love someone, too.
There's a day when the cacophony of chitchat is cloaked in chocolate and lined in velvet, and nights are reserved for twilight-soaked kisses and blooming roses.
little girls wash their faces of innocence and swipe on glittery lipgloss, while the older sit in their car, swabbing mascara over their eyelashes and praying to someone that they'll be picked. something waiting in their locker. doe-eyed as if someone plucked the stars from the sky and stuck them in their pupils.
Puppy love fires its tinted arrow at unsuspecting teens, and does away with stereotypes in favor of scarlet and magenta wishes. Smoke and mirrors pirouette around the world, as one person after another come down with a case of heavy crushes.
but it's not like ther
   you are what you eatdomine, adiuva me

i never wanted this
to happen the way it
it was supposed to be so
i was supposed to be gone before
they even
cunabula me
there was
screaming and shouting
and vomit and
where are my fingers?
my vision is so blurry,
ice cold water rising up,
touching my chin.
i do not remember
how i got here.
i do not remember
i do not remember
i do not remember when i
vomited upon my body,
nor when i was lain
diligo mihi
there was an open
bottle of pain meds when she
walked through the door.
three little white pills
lined up,
the rest missing from their
plastic jail.
where are the pills, she asked.
where are the rest?
she found her baby in the bedroom,
lying face down
in her own vomit.
she found the pills.
interficiet me
i was not sorry until
i woke up the next day,
vomiting up blood
and my own guts, and my
sister called me
i was not sorry until
she sobbed, "i was so worried
  <da:thumb id="434670874"/>

5. :iconshedares:

RaindropsRaindrops pattered against the window as she pressed her cheek against the glass. Her breath formed a trail of condensation as she sighed and levered herself into a sitting position, continuing to stare off into the distance.
Everything was grey again.
Delicate hues of green and blue leapt out, dancing intricate patterns in front of her eyes, but it was as if someone had placed a filter across her vision that leeched all of the colour from her surroundings. It was there; her eyes even registered it, but she could not feel it.
The trill of birdsong was a ghost that wailed in the distance; the usually velvet texture of her cat’s fur felt matted and coarse between her fingers; even the glorious sound of her piano had no depth or pleasure left in the sound. A foggy shroud enveloped her mind, dampening all that was around her as the earth slowed almost to standstill.
Everything had stopped again.
There was no point to anything anymore. She had tried so hard to do what they all wanted;
   UphillIt will always be an
       uphill battle.
You need to decide:
       Is it really worth it?
  Once upon a nightmare.Once upon a nightmare,
Where knights are stained with rust,
Once upon as daymare,
In a prison far away,
Once upon a lifetime
and once upon alone,
Once upon a desperation
for somewhere safe like home.
Oozing nectar and quick silver tears,
Solemn eyes that have witnessed the years,
Perfumed sighs, rancid as a corpse,
Calloused hands graze virgin scars.
Pure white flags in clear blue sky,
Bowing in defeat, no longer to cry,
Accepted fates, resisting not,
Fallen blades are splashed with blood.
Once upon a memory,
The voices in your head,
Once upon an idea,
Filling you with dread,
Once upon an escape,
Searching for release,
Once upon a surrender
to your own inevitable death,
Once upon a surrender
to your long and final breath.

6. :iconkhgirl153:

Lullaby For Little OneIt's time to go to bed now, little one.
The long day is done and the sun has tucked itself in.
The stars are your nightlight and the moon is ready.
It's time to go to bed now, little one.
The worries of today are now melting away.
Tomorrow's adventure is just around the corner.
It's time to go to bed now, little one.
Anything that scared you today will not come back.
Nothing will hurt you when the angels surround you.
It's time to go to bed now, little one.
I will kiss your forehead and keep the nightmares away.
I will tuck you in snug and let you know of a warm love.
It's time to go to bed now, little one.
You are very much loved, night and day.
For now and always.
   A Knight's PledgeI swear to you that I will protect you.
No more pain shall reach you ever again.
Let me be your shield and repel the attacks.
I swear to you that I will fight for you.
No more dragons of the dark will grip your heart with terror.
Let me be your sword and cut away the monsters.
I swear to you that I will pick you up.
No more will you have to stand alone and feel weak.
Let me be your companion even when others abandon you.
Let me be your knight.
But more than that, let me be your friend.
Don't ever feel like you are alone.
  The Greatest AdventureTo fly and to love can be very frightening.
You can lose your breath.
You can soar to great heights.
To fly, you risk falling.
To love, you risk falling.
To fly, you risk losing your heart to the unknown.
To lose, you risk losing your heart to the unknown.
It can be scary to spread your wings.
It can be scary to give your heart.
You can lose what's keeping you up.
You can lose the desire to stay in flight.
But what's life without a little risk?
What's life with no adventure?
If you fall, get back up.
You'll get another chance.
Don't stop flying.
Don't clip your wings.
Fly high and from your heart!

7. :iconkurosaki224:

What may be a dream?Oh, what may be a dream but wishes mute?
Those thoughts that dance and prance a time or two?
The silent longings of the heart set free
To lift the spirit from chambers dark and cold.
A dream is as a morning mist of spring;
Refreshing, light, and gently promising
To all who sleep and wake in time to catch
The welcome peace and glory they behold.
But woe to waking hours; the bitterness they bring
When dreams escape the loving hold of thought!
The plaintive heart starts longing once again
To sink into the realms of possibility.
   Dear SandmanI don't want to feel.
I don't want to think.
I just want to get some sleep.
My mind is tormented when I am awake,
and my heart never seems to catch a break.
So please, Dear Sandman, bless me with rest.
Escape into dreams will help me the best.
   Mirror, MirrorMirror, mirror, so pristine,
can you tell me everything?
You show me how I appear,
but do you show me what I fear?
Do I fear my own rejection,
or that I am not perfection?
Mirror, mirror, standing there,
do you really even care?
I come before you everyday,
thinking of another way.
Trying to find my identity
hiding in your serenity.
Mirror, mirror, who am I,
in this world that's rushing by?
I'm always trying to be tough,
but sometimes it's just not enough.
My mask is that of being strong,
and never, ever, being wrong.
Mirror, mirror, by my bed,
can you explain what's in my head?
All these thoughts are hard to take;
sometimes I think I'm gonna break.
My armor slowly falls apart,
exposing my vulnerable, beating heart.
Mirror, mirror, don't you see?
I want someone to protect me.
I need someone who'll always be there,
not someone who'll eventually tear
my heart, my soul, out of my chest,
even though I tried my best.
Mirror, mirror, broken now,
why did you never tell me how?
How crazy I coul

8. :icongraphix-goddess:

The Hierophant
He sits upon a throne of skulls and ponders myth and legend.
The owl beckons and the wolf’s ears twitch.
“Tell us, oh great master, what shall we do?” A peasant kneels at his feet.
The question is always the same.
All who seek counsel are charged and granted the burden of choice. Marked by the points on the pentagram star, payment must come in five years.
Directions are given and a pact is made.
So long a stretch of time—it seems—and one easily forgotten, but a deal waged is not soon relinquished.
Year five passes. Silence fills his sacred chamber.
The choice is no longer theirs.
The wolf will hunt, and a new skull will adorn his master’s throne.
   Only a DreamThe bizarre stench of chlorine and wet earth wafted through the air. We crept over a fence and into an abandoned yard. Shimmering lights drew my attention to a huge in-ground pool. There, water rippled from side to side, dragging with it the body of a large dead dog. Poor thing. It must have been running, too.
“We have to keep moving,” said Mom.
I took a deep breath and turned back around. Cold air chilled my face, so I cupped my hands over my mouth and nose, puffing warm breaths into my palms.
The rain had stopped, but the sky was still dark. Bright white stars shone through patches where storm clouds didn’t. In the distance, I saw blurred auras of flickering streetlamps. Mom grabbed my wrist and jerked me to come along with her. The power hadn’t gone out on this side of town, and we needed to move on before it did.
I’d lost track of my husband back at the restaurant and had to keep telling myself he was smart enough to make it—t
  Gypsy Scar Introduction + Audio Download by Graphix-Goddess

There are far more than 8 female writers on deviantART, of course. And some of them could really benefit from exposure.

That's why I would love to present you to a dear friend and beloved soul...LadyLincoln

:iconladylincoln: :iconsaysplz: Hi, I'm Lady Lincoln and for those of you who aren't already aware, I am the author of an ongoing series of feature articles called Ladies of Lit. 

The premise here is simple. Below you will find an assortment of Literature features from a selection of female deviants here on DeviantART, all of them suggested by you.

To get a better idea of what this entails, I would like to show you the latest version of the article:

I am always looking for suggestions so don't hesitate to :note: me if you find a female writer that you think ought to get some appreciation!

:iconnightshade-keyblade: :iconsaysplz: You heard the lady! If you're looking for a way to show your appreciation for every girl and woman in your life, here is a place to start.

For those of you who are more active on other social networks, have no fear! If you want to do something for Women's Day, share some artwork that celebrates the females in your life or some of the female characters that you admire (actresses, writers, video game characters, TV/film characters, comic book characters, etc.)

And...for those who are so inclined, don't hesitate to click to donate!

You can start by clicking here:…


The links below will direct you to a site where if you click the button, money will be donated to go towards ending violence towards women or funding research and medicine against breast cancer.

And if none of those options are good for you:

Just do something nice to a girl or woman you know. Compliment your neighbour, say hello to that girl in your class, thank your mother for a meal well made! 

Before I close, I'd like to give a shout out to my Cuban amigo :iconunreal-forever: who has posted a similar journal about Women's Day in Spanish:

Feliz Dia Internacional de la Mujer por adelantadoHola a todos!
Mañana es el día internacional de la mujer, mañana sabado no tengo conección a internet así que me adelantaré ya que quiero aprovechar para felicitar a todas las mujeres, en especial a mis mejores amigas, mis hermanas de DA: y mujeres a las que que aprecio mucho.
Espero que tengan un Feliz dia como también un buen fin de semana

And just because I can't resist:

100 Years, 100 DaysWoman
Opposite, equal
Maiden, Mother, Crone
Parent, Confidante, Teacher and Friend
Sibling, Playmate, Mentor and Paramour
Unbowed, Unchained, Unyielding
From today

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